Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

Growing up made me realise on how many great people there are. Then there’s me.

In the bleep of my existence, I try to compete with such people. People who proudly put countless effort to be the very best they can.

Let’s brush through to my achievements:

My early years, 9-16 year old:
  • Athletics: was a good athlete but never competed at an international event or represented my country. Won some trophies!
  • Music: I used to play the B(flat) Baritone Horn for a number of years, won some awards from my local band club.
  • School: I was never an A student, but did pass my test easily with little to no studying
twenty six.jpg
Some of my trophies, still keep them in my room

The above were the golden years, I miss them.

The tormented years 16-21 year old:
  • Athletics: developed a chronic injury, used to end up in such pain that I had to take pain killers after a session.
  • Music: had my braces riveted to my teeth, took a break but never started again. Was never my favourite.
  • School: with the help of some private lessons I made it into University, where I dropped out after repeating my first year.
  • Gaming: my only get away. Played an online game called ‘Knight Online’ for countless hours. Was really good at it at one point.
Twenty six 2
Was one of the best Rogues on the Edana Server
Adult life till present:
  • Athletics: I stay in front of a computer more often than not.
  • Music: not a huge part of my life, though I still appreciate it.
  • School: started reading for a degree in Life Sciences (Hons.), made good progress achieving Distinction passes in most of my modules. Hope the important ones will go as well.
  • Gaming: I do try to game whenever I can, I noticed that without constant practice I’m an average player at most.
  • Work: had the same job of Laboratory Analyst for 10 years now. I did have good times in my job, where I was considered one of the best in my section, but it’s past now.

Why am I doing this….well, I don’t feel good at anything anymore. I’m just an average bloke.

Even with regards to inter-personal relationships or knowledge, I feel average.

What defined me when I was young, especially athletics, have now faded into nothing. I’m not the best or surprisingly good at anything anymore.

I’m not saying this for the attention. This is how I truly feel.

Twenty six 4


I wish to change that, but circumstances influence the ability to change.

Going back to being an athlete would be great, but that would mean subtracting something else from my life, maybe after my studies are done.

Music doesn’t really interest me anymore, I prefer playing records or audio files.

School takes up a lot of my current time, can’t wait for all this to end. Never liked school.

Gaming would require endless hours of honing my skills and again it’s too much time for such a little reward. Me and gaming are in a love and hate relationship. To be honest, I wish I had more time and be good at it.

Work, that is my only zone I currently can keep improving on. I have to do it anyway, might as well do it well. I wish I would be a respected analyst, one everyone would ask for some help or trusted with that all important analysis without a glimpse of doubt.

I have a long way to go, the lust for the job had deserted me for a long time. My skills laid stagnant. Talking to others on the job makes me realise how little assets I have. They have tons of experience and know-how that I don’t.

Besides all of this, the mental stress of such a job has made me wishing I had another alley to go through.

While I love blogging, I don’t really think I’m the best at it either. My english is quite bare even though I try my best to hide it. Some bloggers tend to get more likes with much less effort. I do feel disheartened at times but I don’t want this to be another failure. Even here I have a long way to go.

So here I am. Feeling like I’m ok at quite a lot of things, but I still long the feeling of being good at something which I have a passion for. I long to have an insatiable desire to do something and be great at it. That brain tingling sensation that you feel when you achieved greatness.

Do you ever feel the same?

What is fueling your motivation to become the best?

Leave me a comment down below!

Author: Words of Osiris

I'm a 30 year old soul, whose need to express himself was not satisfied by the common social media. While others vomit words with little thought, I will try my best to fill the void they have created. Born, raised, and reside on the cursed islands of Malta. I studied Sciences my whole life and always wanted to have a space where I can release my creative demons. In this blog, scientific objectiveness will meet the cry of different opinions and thought-invoking tales. Subjects will vary from the futile to the world changing.

2 thoughts

  1. I have quite a niche blog and I’ve found that it has been quite a lot of hard work to engage with other bloggers and grow a readership. By this I mean, using First Friday to encourage new bloggers and posting weekly in Community Pool to share and publicise my blog. I suppose I’m hampered by not posting daily and (usually) the most I can manage with work/family and necessary research for my posts is a post approx every 6-7 days.
    I do think that has been worthwhile, though, and I am enjoying this new platform and fading away from my usual online habit of Facebook. I also use Facebook to share posts when I’m particularly proud of my work and sometimes the viewing stats even validate this as beneficial!

    I enjoyed this post and it prompted me to reflect of what I have achieved, which on paper might sound good, but was born from reaching a certain point in life and realising I needed goals and then working hard to gain qualifications as the children grew older.

    I do wonder why you call Malta cursed … and may be there is a post in that? Or if I’ve missed it give me a nudge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ruth,

      I think your blog is awesome and being a historian will keep it fresh with all your findings and research. I actually took part in many Napoleonic reenactment, mainly a British musketeer but I also took part as an Austrian grenadier and as a French sailor. Planning to rejoin the group after my thesis.

      I do try and publicise as much as I humanly can. Lately, I’ve been working on growing a following on my social media outlets and trying to keep them as interesting as possible. I do post 3 post a week on average but I know it will be tougher as my academic workload will increase. Was just doing my reading and trying to choose a topic for my thesis/project.

      Finishing my degree would be a great achievement but my greatest passions lie in either blogging or gaming (yes, video games). Glad that my post made you reflect and think about new goals.

      Cursed Malta….where do I start? I’ve been living here all my life and basically it’s an ill-managed beauty. Cursed by it’s own inhabitants, governments, and change in the name of progress. I think there is more than one post to it, and I have already started.

      Thanks for your comment, Ruth. Truly appreciated 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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